What happened in June 2011.

Miss those times. Those were… memorable times. Shifting the nucleus into the living room, being away from home, perseverating over Into the Wild.

The core of Man’s spirit comes from new experiences.

I wanna go!


02122011 Sentosa RWS.

Stayed at Festive Hotel once again. The only difference is that Julia and I are unable to squeeze into the single treetop (quoting Dad) bed. We didn’t bother trying. So Julia slept in the treetop bed while I slept with Mum and Dad on the kingsize bed. Very grateful to Nainai for always giving us such lovely chances to stay in Sentosa.

What a great find at RWS. No need to spend exorbitant amounts just to eat happily. Please don’t close down.

15102011 Sun With Moon, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

My Birthday in Town :)

Sun with Moon : Wheelock place, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: Somerset@313

Praline Cheesecake, Walnut Cookie, Blueberry Muffin. Haha, it’s true, it’s better to have little disasters and pimples than nice smiles, because you can remember them and laugh more. Like heating up the Muffin until it was tasteless and too soft. Cheesecake was good but super sweet.

A great night out with Mum and Dad :)