2007 Juggling Origins

Ah, so young, so hungry then.

Thank you Dad for taking these for me. All the nights in the void deck, persisting, counting the number of times without hitting the floor.

2007 Juggling Origins


Snap The Moment!

Today left me with pretty many reflections.

Different people pass by in your life and as much as you hope now that tomorrow comes and they will find their way back to you again, this future reality just doesn’t precipitate. (Reminds me of the FoS shirt tagline ‘if you are not part of the solution, be the precipitate’ or something to that effect.) And sometimes tomorrow washes up more people and the whole round of wishing starts again.

Have been having IFG soccer trainings, weixian and I, and attendance has been discouraging quantitatively, which I insist in attributing it simply to the lack of interest in the mosaics of the population. But qualitatively, it is heartening to see some who haven’t been touched by the beautiful game, to slowly come to appreciate it and come. Today, it was only the two of us for the first whole hour, and we had the honour of getting to know and play football tennis with German exchange student Andrea, 22 years old. She started playing soccer at 16, and she plays for a club outside university at home, much like the non-professional Bishan Arsenal type of setting. A cool person. Ball control was very impressive, she held her own and owned both of us singlehandedly.

Really hope she comes down again and I can get to play with her again. Rare to find someone who enjoys football tennis. Hope I can find a friend someday who shares the same interest in soccer and juggling. Please come down next Wednesday, don’t be too busy please. Times like this I hope tomorrow will bring encouraging developments. Too cool to let up. Her short hair and cool sideswept streaked fringe. So much to learn from her.

Need to consolidate my quests and not leave them halfcompleted. Today Yingjie was genuinely impressed by my ambidextrosity. (I made that word up). Must say I am pleased with myself. And must continue with my Braille inquest. Shows that people are people, no matter what race or what disability they are or have. Everywhere you go, there will be people who are difficult. Sometimes feel like giving them a tight slap or hard punch. Who do they think they are to try to antagonise others. Then right at the same place you can find the sweetest people on earth. And that pretty much leaves you without any comments.

I think I should get myself a laptop of my own. So that I can be free to work on it with this beloved Place, at a decent performance level. No more gritty pausing youtube videos.

Things to do:

  1. Print derrick’s notes in library
  2. Take photos consistently!

3 Ball Juggling.

Since this is the period of reentering the world of juggling (any world seems more fun than the world of school, which is starting in 1 month and 9 days >.<), I thought it would be good to document my progress. I have been enjoying days at home juggling, thinking about what next to do (hence the Flag Quest), and spending time with Charlie Mcdonnell (an awesome youtube personality) and his friends like alex day.

  1. 3 ball Cascade (abit redundant here), since ages ago
  2. Tennis
  3. Half Shower
  4. Outside Throws
  5. Mill’s Mess (until here, it’s 010710)
  6. Windmill (040710 left hand weaker though)

So, wish me all the best, hopefully more will be added regularly!

My juggling balls.

These are my 5 juggling balls, and my toy of  The moment. A few years ago, I started out with the white one with black pentagons at the top row in the centre, the one which has a lighter and a darker shade. Then the others came together later on as a Christmas gift. I started out needing three of the balls for 3-ball juggling, then I wanted to hone my one hand 2 ball juggling, so I needed two. For a really long time I didn’t need 4 balls, but then as I said something clicked last week, and I’ve entered uncharted territory here. 4 ball juggling!

It’s not easy, I think I am on my fours picking the balls from under the sofa and below the tv shelf more than actually throwing the balls up. 4 ball juggling as of now is still in its infancy. I manage to throw the ball in my left hand more than 3 times, and I’m happy. Anyway once it goes more than 3 times up, the juggling morphs to synchronous juggling which I try to avoid, and it ends anyway. Because I’m not ambidextrous which I try to be, so my left hand tires easily and throws inaccurately.

1 hour to R16 England vs Germany. Will Rooney be benched? HAHAHA will Ballack start?


The FTT will be taking place later at 20:00. I want to walk there, but seeing that Daddy wants to accompany me, that’ll be impossible. I’m entertaining the thought of telling him to take the bus there while I walk, but that’s too absurd already, so there goes the plan. I will need to pass because I need to get that driving licence as early as possible.

People think that it’s because I just should get this thing over as soon as possible, but it’s not just it. I hate to not have anything to do. In my mind, there’s this huge checklist (which I have never materialised physically because I’m not as organised outwardly nor as neat and tidy as my mum) that’s dying to be ticked. By this holiday, I want to get my licence, master 4 ball juggling, pick up skateboarding (but the wheels have disintegrated and I’ve yet to make up my mind on whether I should spend 40 dollars to get new ones), stir up my interest in cars, and carry out my World Cup education. And it kills me inside to look back and realise that I’ve done nothing. (But recently I’ve come to see that doing Nothing is not doing nothing, in everything you learn something. But of course, doing something is still better than doing Nothing, which leads us back to square one)

So that’s 4 tasks to accomplish, I’m excluding skateboarding, though it would be nice if I could somehow get around doing that. Sucker punch when someone says he took only 1 week to learn the Ollie, when about 2 years ago I endured a spell of trying and trying which then led to giving up. Humans contradict themselves. I know there is nothing to gain from saying all this here, but somewhere inside me is satisfied to see that this appears where others can see them.

Okay, on to brightening up this place.