My First Concert!

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Sparks Fly- Anxiety related Disorders.

Am F C G
With generalised anxiety you can’t sleep
And get tired easily, it’s tough
To concentrate and you are irritable
And restless with tense muscles

Am F
DSM says you need at least
3 for 6 months (C G Am)
Use CBT and antidepress (F G)
Ants over BZDs

A panic attack’s
A discrete period of intense fear
With at least 4 symptoms
Which develops abruptly
And reaches, a peak in, 10 minutes and
Panic disorder has recurrent panic attacks
And significant behavioural changes for 1 month
And agoraphobia
when escape’s difficult

(my mind forgets to remind me)
OCD’s time consuming
Takes more than 1 hour per day
Obsessions are persistent and recurrent
Doubts impulses ruminations and thoughts then compulsions

Are repetitive behaviour or mental act
Which are not pleasurable
Which serve to reduce the distress caused by the obsession

(I run my fingers through yourhair)
PTSD’s when the trauma is
With main symptoms like avoidance
And re-experiencing through flashbacks
And hyperarousal and emotional
It usually starts within 6 months of the traumatic event

Price Tag- Gait Control.

C G Am F (Prechorus: C Em Am F)

Leg has joints skins nerves and muscles
Then spinal pattern generators
Then the eyes and the labyrinth and then the brain

Cortex there’s somatic sensory, motor
Premotor and prefrontal and then the
Supplementary motor area
And then the, ha, basal ganglia
And then the yeah, cerebellum
And then the brainstem,
Locomotor center

The leg provides sensory feedback
Both conscious and unconscious
And execute motor programs
initiate reflexes both protective and a
voidance, then eyes to premotor cortex
labyrinths maintain centre of gravity
between and in front of the feet and
locks the gaze onto visual targets during loco

There’re local flexion and extension
Circuits in the spinal cord
Activated by locomotor
Centre which initiates automatic walk
Ing, then the basal ganglia
Contains program sequences of
learned movements and cerebellum coordinates
movements and both are via corticospinal

The supplementary motor area
Is involved in motor planning
And the premotor cortex responds to
visual cues and controls locomotor cen
Ter, and the prefrontal cortex
Is responsible for making judgements
and decisions hence this is gait control

Satellite- Limbic System.

Am F G C
For the limbic system, first hippocampal formation,
Giving hippocampus and dentate, gyrus and subiculum

Then limbic lobe giving uncus, and hippocampal gyrus and,
Cingulate gyrus and now, there’s the hypothalamus

Am Dm G C
Amygdala, and anterior nucleus of thalamus
Mamillary body and septal, nuclei and nucleus accumbens

The parahippocampal gyrus and then the insula for pain,
then reticular formation and the primary olfactory cortex

Tik Tok- Autonomic Nervous System.

F G Am

T1 to L2, are the sympathetic nerves
C3 7 9 and 10 and S2 to 4
Are the parasympathetic fibres
Nicotinic muscarinic adrenergic/

Sympathetic and parasympathetic
Nervous systems have pre and post ganglionic neurons
Preganglionic are all nicotinic receptors
With acetylcholine as neurotransmitter

Postganglionic there’s adrenergic
Alpha’s norepinephrine
Alpha beta epinephrine
Muscarinic’s acetylcholine
Basically that’s all there is
then where to find them cell bodies…

sympathetic ones have paravertebral chain
and prevertebral which are hypogastric and
celiac plexii and finally both are on the
effector organs themselves
oh oh oh woah

Sob Ta.

Tur koey roo mai wah krai
Did you ever know? That someone
Fao maung dtahm dtae tur dai took haeng
Has been looking at only you everywhere?
Gep tur pen raeng hai jai took wun
Keeping you as a strength for her heart every day
Gep wai mah nahn
Doing so for so long

Hahk dai yoo glai glai tur
If I could be near you
Chun ja bauk gup tur hai roo jai
I’d tell you and let you know
Sob dtah gup chun leuk long kahng nai
Making eye contact with me, deep down inside
Gor ja kao jai kwahm mai
You’d understand the meaning

(*)เห็นเงาในตาฉันไหม เห็นเธออยู่ในนั้นไหม
Hen ngao nai dtah chun mai hen tur yoo nai nun mai
Do you see the loneliness in my eyes? Do you see yourself in there?
รู้ใจกันบ้างไหม ว่าฉันนั้นคิดอะไร
Roo jai gun bahng mai wah chun nun kit arai
Do you understand what I’m feeling?
เห็นเธอมานานรู้ไหม ไม่เคยมองใครที่ไหน
Hen tur mah nahn roo mai mai koey maung krai tee nai
I’ve been looking at you for so long, do you know? I’ve never looked at anyone else anywhere else
ขอเพียงสักครั้งแค่หันมา สบตาครั้งเดียวก็พอ
Kor piang suk krung kae hun mah sop dtah krung diao gor por
I only want you to turn and look at me, making eye contact just one time is enough

Piang bauk chun duay sai dtah
Just tell me with your eyes
Kit yung ngai bauk mah hai roo bahng
Whatever you’re thinking, let me know
ไม่หวังให้เธอต้องเดินร่วมทาง แค่เธอเข้าใจ
Mai wung hai tur dtaung dern ruam tahng kae tur kao jai
I don’t wish for us to walk the same path, just for you to understand

Yahk hai tur roo jai
I want you to know and understand
Yahk ahi yoo pen raeng kaung jai
I want you to remain the strength of my heart
Gep kwahm roo seuk tee dee mahk mai
To keep the many good feeling
Gep wai hai tur kon diao reuay pai
To keep you alone forever


If One Day You’ll Be Brave Enough.

อยู่กับคนมากมาย ทำเป็นไม่รักกัน
Yoo gup kon mahk mai tum pen mai ruk gun
You hang around so many people, acting like you don’t love me
Chun mai koo kuan kahng tur reu plao
Should I be at your side?
Yahng gup kwahm ruk rao
It’s like our love
Dtaung yoo nai ngao tee meut mon
Must be kept in a dark shadow

หากเป็นเรื่องหัวใจ อยากให้เธอกล้าพอ
Hahk pen reuang hua jai yahk hai tur glah por
If it’s a matter of the heart, I want you to be brave enough
ฉันนั้นยังรอรักเธอ ทั้งคน
Chun nun yung ror ruk tur tung kon
I’m still waiting for your love
และยังมีหนทาง ที่ยังรอเราอยู่ไม่ไกล
Lae yung mee hon tahng tee yung ror rao yoo mai glai
And there’s still a path that’s still waiting for us near by

(*)สักวันหนึ่ง แค่อยากให้เธอแหงนมองดาว
Suk wun neung kae yahk hai tur ngaen maung dao
Some day, I just want you to look up at the stars
Mai dtaung pai ai fah
There’s no need to be shy with the sky
จะก้มดูดิน ก็ไม่ต้องหลบตา
Ja gom doo din gor mai dtaung lop dtah
If you stoop down to see the ground, there’s no need to avoid anyone’s eyes
Mai dtaung roo seuk arai
You don’t have to feel anything

(**)สักวันหนึ่ง แค่อยากให้เธอกล้ามองตา
Suk wun neung kae yahk hai tur glah maung dtah
Some day, I just want you to be brave enough to look in the eyes
Poo kon mahk mai
Of so many people
และบอกกับเขา ว่าเรารักกัน
Lae bauk gup kao wah rao ruk gun
And tell them we’re in love

อาจไม่มีสักคน ที่จะมาเข้าใจ
Aht mai mee suk kon tee ja mah kao jai
There might not be anyone who understands
Gor mai pen rai tah rao ruk gun
But it’s okay if we love each other
นั่นคือสิ่งสำคัญ ถ้าสักวันเธอจะกล้าพอ
Nun keu sing sumkun tah suk wun tur ja glah por
That’s the most important thing, if some day you’ll be brave enough


และบอกกับเขา ว่าเรารักกัน
Lae bauk gup kao wah rao ruk gun
And tell them we’re in love